About me

13 juni 2018

If you would ask me to describe myself, I’d give you three words: a writer, a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. Alright a few more than 3 words, but you catch my drift, right?

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I live with my beautiful two cats Minoes and Jip. They sure make my life 100 times better!

As a writer ánd a reader, I absolute love stories with fantastical elements. Whether it’s in a dystophian setting, back in the stone ages or in a fictional setting like Lord of the Rings, I love everything Fantasy!

A few of my blogs on writing have been issued by the Dutch websites Schrijven Magazine, 365 dagen succesvol and Boekiewoogie. Besides this website, I also run a (Dutch) website, Fantasy Schrijfcoaching, where I offer free advice on how to write a Fantastic Story to help other (aspiring) writers to write (and finish!) their books.

My Mission in life

Oh yes, I do have a mission in life. One that fills my heart with joy and excitement! My mission is to get the Indie Author noticed for their hard work and dedication. It is my dream to one day see the Indie Author be taken as seriously as the traditionally published author as they claim a spot in the Bestseller lists between names as Stephen King and J.K. Rowling.
In order to achieve this, I have started reading and reviewing work by Indie Authors. I will feature more Indie content on this website and would love to get in touch with others who connect to my mission. Also, if you have written and published your book independently, be sure to read my book reviewing policy and drop me a note!

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