About me

If you would ask me to describe myself, I’d give you three words: a writer, a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. Alright a few more than 3 words, but you catch my drift, right?

I adore books where the main character seems just like me but then goes on this fantastic journey. Add a bit of drama and a great love story and I’m there! Stories like that appeal to the imaginative storyteller inside me. I started writing stories since I was a teenager and, just like the books I love to read, my stories will always contain fantastical elements and a swoonworthy lovestory. I live and breathe for that stuff – truly!

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I live with my beautiful two cats Minoes and Jip. They sure make my life 100 times better!

Aside from writing and being a proud cat mom, I love reading and reviewing books and learning about (self) growth. I’m all about empowerment, taking responsibility and creating the best life you want for yourself.

I also run a (Dutch) website, Fantasy Schrijfcoaching, where I offer free advice on how to write a Fantastic Story to help other (aspiring) writers to write (and finish!) their books.

My Mission in life

Getting the Indie Author noticed for their hard work and dedication. That’s my dream: to one day see the Indie Author be taken as seriously as the traditionally published author as they claim a spot in the Bestseller lists between names as Stephen King and J.K. Rowling.

In order to achieve this, I read and review work by Indie Authors both on this site as well as on my Goodreads account. I also love connecting with other (Indie) authors and give them a voice in a featured interview or blog. If you are an Indie author and you’d like to be featured, or if you connect with my mission on another level, contact me!

Also, if you have written and published your book independently, be sure to read my book reviewing policy and drop me a note!