Book Reviewing Policy

6 augustus 2018

We, writers, all know the value of a great review. But not every reviewer is able to read your novel. There are just so many books out there!

That is why I have made it my mission to read and review only selfpublished authors in the Fantasy-genre. And, since I know that authors aren’t rich people by nature, I will always pay for the books I decide to review.

Fantasy and all its subgenres are welcome here. All the stories, the dramas, the romance, the thrillers, as long as they have fantastical elements, I am in!

So, if you are a Fantasy-writer and you’re searching for an honest, in depth review on your book, then please check the following boxes if you want me to read and review your story.


  • have independently selfpublished your book within the last five years,
  • hired a professional editor to go over the text and make it as clean as possible, and
  • had beta-readers commenting on your story to improve your storyline without any major plotholes

If you’ve answered YES to all of these points, then I’ll say YES, I’m interested in finding out more about your novel!

Please send me an email with a synopsis of your story, including number of pages, your targeted audience and genre. Please also include the link to Amazon, where your book’s for sale.

If your story is the first part of a series, I’d be happy to read it, but do make sure to mention this in the email and how many books you plan on releasing in this series (I’d like to prepare myself for the possibility I might want to read the whole series once I’m done!).

Tell me a bit about yourself, and about your writing process, too. For instance, I’d love to know who your favorite character is in the story and why. This will help me get a bit of an idea of you as a writer and in what way you are connected with your characters.

I receive a lot of emails so make sure to add  “Review my book” in the title. I’ll get back to you within a week’s time, always, to let you know if I’d be willing and able to read and review your book.

Happy to hear from you!

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