The costs of getting a book review
Blog / 27 augustus 2018

Why asking for a free book shouldn’t be normal Writers put their heart and soul in their stories. They work hours on getting the right words, the right sentences and a plot that’s without any plotholes. Most writers are perfectionists and they spent quite a few bucks to give their story the best (professional) care before it gets published. There is no guarantee of the profit they’ll make once it’s out there. The only thing left to do is to try and get your book noticed and one way to do that is by getting book reviews. But that, too, is not free of charge.   The writing process can be hard. Tiring even. Lots of people want to write and publish a book, but they give up because of the hard journey. Writing isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes endurance, persistance and a solid determination to get a story written, let alone published. And even then the journey’s not at its end. Then comes the part where the author has to get the book noticed. The word most authors dread: marketing. Marketing costs Marketing can be very, very expensive for a writer. There are lots of ways…

Do’s and Don’ts in book marketing on Facebook
Blog / 8 augustus 2018

There’s nothing wrong with being proud and wanting to sell your book. Writing and publishing a book is an accomplishment in its own and should be marketed widely. Some writers can be over the top on selling their book. They don’t shy away from any platform. And Facebook is pretty much leading in that department. But, just like everything in life, there are good ways and lesser ways to approach the marketing side of selling a book.