The Somnia Series

13 juni 2018

The Somnia Series

In this pentalogy, we meet 26-year-old Sophia McAllister who works at Beaufort Publishing. She leads a pretty normal life, except for the vivid dreams that haunt her during not only the nights but also during the day. She hasn’t had the best of luck with boyfriends and after yet another break-up, she decides that perhaps she’s not relationship material after all.

But this might all change when she meets Stiles. Nothing seems to stand in the way of a romance blossoming between the two except… She only meets him in her dreams.

An Impossible Truth

Twenty-six-year-old Sophia McAllister finds out her dreams are not just dreams: she travels to a realm, much like her own, except she’s sixteen and back in high school.
But her travels come with a heavy price; her own sanity is on the line when she starts to question whether or not the life she’s led so far is in fact… real.

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Fade Into Darkness

Sophia McAllister’s life turned upside down when she discovered her power to travel across realms. Now she has to find her True Realm, the realm where she belongs. Unable to easily adjust to every realm, Sophia becomes vulnerable to its inhabitants. Not to mention to her biological father, a Shadow Walker whose intentions have yet to be revealed…

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The Shadow’s Charm

ETA: July 1st, 2019

…To be continued…

**due to spoilers the synopsis of book 3 will not be explained until 2019**


ETA: July 1st, 2020

…To be continued…

**due to spoilers the synopsis of book 4 will not be explained until 2020**

The Edge of Realms*

ETA: July 1st, 2021

…To be continued…

**due to spoilers the synopsis of book 5 will not be explained until 2020**

*These titles aren’t yet decided

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