• Are you a decent betareader?

    Having betareaders for your story can be a challenge and a gift. But these readers aren't always the way you want them to be. Finding a decent betareader might prove to be difficult. But what makes a betareader decent?

  • Are you a decent writer?

    Most betareaders love to give feedback to a story they've been chosen for to betaread. They appreciate the trust the writer has given them and they want to do a good job. But writers can be difficult in communicating with…

  • What (new) authors need

    Writing a book takes time and hard work. When the day comes that the book is actually available to its readers, a writer (then author) feels relieved and proud. But the journey doesn't end there.

  • My favorite motivational Writing Quotes

    Writing can be hard. Getting yourself to write might even be harder. Anyone who’s ever attempted to write a story knows this to be true. But what makes one person persist in the writing process and another give up? For…

  • The costs of getting a book review

    Most writers are perfectionists and they spent quite a few bucks to give their story the best (professional) care before it gets published. There is no guarantee of the profit they'll make once it's out there. The only thing left…