Review: Blade of Memories by Tina Hunter


When Lynn’s criminal employer shows up with a piece of her broken past, she will do anything to get it back. And as Iridan city’s foremost thief, ‘anything’ means an impossible heist.

But stealing magic crystals from the most regulated facility in the world is only the start of her problems; which includes a team she doesn’t trust or like, a runaway with magic abilities, an ex who still makes her weak in the knees, and family drama that could change Lynn’s whole world.

Brimming with action, adventure and intrigue, readers will be gripped by this imaginative tale of a magic filled world on the cusp of change.


The Writing

This story has it all! It’s full of action, adventure, and intrigue with a bit of chemistry and unrequited love. The descriptions are vivid, the characters are complex, and the magic elements or rules are unique.
I still didn’t quite understand each of the kingdoms and how they fit into the story. It could be that I just need to read it again. Or, it could be that the author didn’t want to spend too much time on world building and wants to leave some things for future books in the series.

Editorial notes

Blade of Memories is the first book in an exciting young adult fantasy series by Tina Hunter, but it needs more proofreading. I noticed some little errors throughout, but none were so glaring to impede the flow. The author says that it went through one editor and one proofreader. My experience as a book reviewer is that many proofreaders are not perfectionists.

Point of view

This story is written in the third person with most of the point of view coming from main character Lynn. A few times another point of view is included, but only briefly. This might be confusing, if you’re not expecting it.


It has a good balance with character development and action scenes. The relationships are complicated, but not all of them are bad. Lynn has a couple of people that she can trust like her cousin, Malack, and her little side-kick, Dorothy. However, many of them are dysfunctional and that is why Lynn has had to learn how to survive on her own and doesn’t trust others easily. She works for a ruthless self-serving boss named Darkan who doesn’t care how dangerous the jobs are that he gives her. He sends three men with Lynn on the same mission, but they keep their distance from her. There’s Brutus, a healer, but also a brute of a man, Teodor, a fighter who spends his time at brothels, and Simon, a whiner and Darkan’s nephew.
Most of the characters, though, aren’t all bad or all good, including Lynn who is a thief and her little friend, Dorothy, who is also a thief. Then there’s her cousin Malack, who is an “upstanding” citizen with a business and family of his own, but who also taught her everything that she knows about stealing and putting on false personas. Her ex-crush, Declan, cares for her, but he also plays with her emotions. James works for her uncle and is loyal to him, but also has an interest in Lynn. You wonder how some of the characters will support or hinder Lynn in the sequel. The author also develops the chemistry well and uses the little moments in a powerful way to great effect.

The ending

I was so relieved that there was an element of closure. The story really had me in knots! But the author also sets up the sequel with the epilogue. And, there are a few unresolved issues in the story that are great hooks.

So, is this first book of the Black Shadow series enough for me to continue reading?

I give Blade of Memories a 5 star rating, because it has superb descriptions of people, places, and action scenes with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. I am so caught up in the story and with the characters that I can’t wait to find out what happens next, so yes!

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