The Somnia Series

An Impossible Truth

Twenty-six-year-old Sophia McAllister finds out her dreams are not just dreams: she travels to a realm, much like her own, except she’s sixteen and back in high school.
But her travels come with a heavy price; her own sanity is on the line when she starts to question whether or not the life she’s led so far is in fact… real.

“I read the entire book in one day, and could not put it down. I encourage readers to read this novel, it was a surprise I hadn’t known I was looking for until I read it.”

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Fade Into Darkness

Sophia McAllister’s life turned upside down when she discovered her power to travel across realms. Now she has to find her True Realm, the realm where she belongs. Unable to easily adjust to every realm, Sophia becomes vulnerable to its inhabitants. Not to mention to her biological father, a Shadow Walker whose intentions have yet to be revealed…

“Van Der Ploeg has an amazing imagination to show such imagery in her works. […] I would recommend it for those who want to travel somewhere without leaving the comfort of their own home.”

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The Shadow’s Charm

After deciding on a fresh start, Sophia moves back in with her mom, ready to reconnect with old friends and begin a new life. Then, her world begins to crumble around her. One by one, her friends are turning their backs on her. As the bitterness and betrayal grows within Sophia, so does the darkness, and when her father enters the picture, the shadows begin to consume her.

“Sophia runs into a lot of guilt and shame that triggers some mental health issues and I felt like van der Ploeg really represented that mean voice all too well. Like, Petra are you a mind reader?”

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Heart of Deceit

After a devastating loss, Sophia hopes to find some peace in her life. But being a dimensional traveler is anything but peaceful. Her powers are like a magnet to dark beings, and the chance of running into one of them might cost her more than she can handle.
Staying in contact with Anna is more important than ever, but how can she do that when she’s in a different realm?

“Petra drops little morsels of precluders here and there throughout the story instead of lumping everything into a big wordy pile all at once. Such an admirable method – and I notice with this one that she actually has it down to a fine art.”

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Inside the Echoes

Finally together with the love of her life, things heat up and take a turn for the worst. Caught in a magical In-Between, Sophia has to figure out what brought her here and the only way through is by experiencing her unresolved pain from distant memories. She must first learn how she became who she is before she can save herself and prepare for the ultimate battle with the one person whom she thought she’d never see again. And with so many lives on the line, the stakes have never been higher.

“INSIDE THE ECHOES is Petra van der Ploeg’s most fully realized novel. It is a masterfully woven quilt of emotional moments both touching and tragic.”

Abbey Decker – Editor